A New Wisconsin Provider Network – Exceedent Health Network

Exceedent Health Network, comprised of Wisconsin-based providers across the state, will be available for groups with a Nov. 1, 2017 effective date, according to Exceedent President Jeff Zavada. The network includes many original members of Integrated Health Network of Wisconsin, a multisystem accountable care organization whose provider network operations will not continue past 2017.

While Exceedent Health Network Development Vice President Nick Serio and his team continue to add providers to enhance the network offering , those currently participating include Froedtert Health, the Medical College of Wisconsin, Children’s Hospital and Health System, United Hospital System and hundreds of other independent and ancillary providers.

“It is a comprehensive network with locally familiar and desired members known for their service and quality,” said Zavada. “Combined with Exceedent’s expertise in the TPA space and with access to national wrap networks, the network offers employers of all sizes an option that can deliver when it comes to employee satisfaction, quality and affordability.”

Exceedent is also launching a point of service network option in Wisconsin.

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