Just a few weeks into the pilot program, Letterhead Press employees are seeing the value of their new on-site clinic.

Per Sheryl Kelliher, human resources manager, the response to the on-site clinic has been great and shared employee testimonials:

“This is so nice. I don’t have to leave work for a doctor’s appointment or use vacation. I don’t have to wait a long time to be seen since we have appointment times we assign. And I was able to bring my child here, which avoided my need to secure day care for my other child ….”

“I did call in for a sick day from work but was able to come and be treated at our work clinic for free, which was so awesome.” 

Kelliher has been working hard to encourage use of the clinic through announcements, emails and flyers. “We want to lower the exposure under the health insurance. We want medical conditions to be found early so they are treatable, reduce absenteeism with this amazing convenience and bring more awareness to our staff regarding health and wellness.”

Letterhead Press is also offering monthly promotions such as a weight-loss challenge in July, Health and Wellness Fair with Lunch and Learn in August and flu shots in September.

“Thank you to Exceedent for offering this amazing opportunity for Letterhead Press and our staff,” says Sheryl Kelliher. “I’m so proud to be part of an initiative of this magnitude and importance for our organization. Through this pilot clinic, we are hoping our employees see that we’re striving to be the ‘employer of choice.’”

Kelliher credits the ongoing success of the pilot to “the great team” of people from Exceedent, AstiaHealth and Horton. She welcomes anyone interested in seeing and hearing more about the clinic to contact her at 262-787-1717. To learn how Exceedent can bring health care on-site to your location or at a client’s location, contact Todd Kuehl.

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