1How do I get licensed with Exceedent?
Brokers with a state insurance license can inquire about becoming a licensed Exceedent broker by using our broker contact form or contact an Exceedent sales agent.
2What is the minimum case size?
We work with employers with 20 or more employees on the health care plan.
3How do I receive a proposal?
Please contact us directly to receive a proposal. To receive a quote please provide: • Group name and address • Effective date • SIC code • Excel census (include waivers) • Any claim information, if available • Current renewal rates (renewal rates are needed to ensure the most competitive quote) • Current summary of benefits and coverage (SBC)
4What stop loss carriers do you work with? Am I required to work with your preferred stop loss carriers?
We have the flexibility to work with a number of stop loss carriers throughout the country. All of our stop loss carriers have an A rating or better.
5Who is your preferred PBM? Am I required to work with your preferred PBM?
Our preferred pharmacy benefit manager is EHIM Rx, but we have the flexibility to work with virtually any PBM broker.
6Who handles your utilization management and large case management?
Exceedent has several highly skilled registered nurses and a medical director on staff to handle this management internally.
7What claim system does Exceedent use?
Exceedent uses TriZetto as our claim system software provider.
8Does Exceedent own the claims system?
Yes. Exceedent has invested heavily in our infrastructure as a commitment to service and flexibility.


1Who owns Exceedent?
Exceedent is owned by Froedtert Health. Being provider owned gives us access to Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Froedtert Hospital, one of the nation’s top ranked academic medical centers.
2How long has Exceedent been a TPA?
Exceedent is a relatively new third-party administrator, officially launching in June 2016, but our parent company, Froedtert Health, has been providing high-quality health care for almost 40 years and we’ve assembled a staff with extensive experience in the TPA field.
3Do you work with brokers/consultants?
Yes, we work with a number of licensed brokers and consultants. However, if your company is not currently working with a broker, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about our services. If your broker is not currently licensed to offer Exceedent products, please have them contact us using the Broker Contact Form.
4Where is the customer service handled?
Our customer service department is located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.
5What are your customer service hours?
You can talk to a customer service representative during our normal business hours. All hours are Central Time.

Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday: Closed
Our website is available 24/7.
6Are there functions of the service model handled off-shore?
No. All Exceedent operations are based in USA.
7What type of data and reporting are available?
We offer an extensive number of prepackaged and custom reports, including predictive modeling, past and real time data, comparative analysis, scheduled reports and more. Samples of reports are available upon request.
8Is my claims data available electronically?
Yes. We are primarily an electronic service.
9How is claims funding managed?
There are a number of flexible funding methods available depending on the product. Please contact a sales rep for more information.
10Will my employees have a dedicated service team?
Yes, the employee and member relationship and experience is very important to us.
11Will I have a dedicated account manager?
Yes, you will have access to an employer concierge.
12Can you duplicate my current benefits?
Yes, Exceedent has the flexibility to model any level of benefits on the market today.
13Do you offer bilingual customer service and printed documents?
Our services and documentation are available in a numbers of languages. Contact us to learn more.
14Are wellness or disease management programs offered?
Yes, we offer a number of flexible wellness and disease management programs to fit your needs.
15Can you handle multisite employers?
Yes. We offer programs for companies solely based in Wisconsin and employers with offices across the U.S.
16Am I able to manage my account online?
Yes, you can easily manage your account using the online Exceedent portal. Through the portal you can access your account, electronically enroll employees, make eligibility changes and print ID cards.
17What provider networks do you work with?
Exceedent has a large network of high performing providers across the country. Contact us for an up-to-date list of providers.
18Who handles repricing for the networks?
Exceedent has the ability to reprice across all networks, leading to quicker claim turnaround time and accuracy.


1Can I submit claims electronically?
To request the electronic payor code in order to submit claims electronically, please contact Exceedent at 844-532-5200 or 262-532-5200, or via e-mail at
2How often do you process claims?
Exceedent processes claims Monday through Friday.
3How quickly will I be reimbursed?
Each claim is different, so reimbursement times vary. Exceedent does its best to respond to claims as quickly as possible.
4How is pre-certification handled and who is responsible, patient or provider?
The patient is responsible for pre-certification, but the provider has the ability to pre-certify.
5Who handles your case management?
Exceedent has several highly skilled registered nurses and a medical director on staff to administer case management internally.
6Do you have a medical director and if so what is his/her background?
Yes, Eric Christianson, MD. You can find out more about Dr. Christianson here.
7Can I electronically check a patient eligibility?
Yes, you can check patient eligibility through the provider portal.
8Who will handle disputes?
We have an extensive claims process. Please contact a sales representative for more information.
9How is network repricing handled, by Exceedent or the network?
Exceedent works with various networks to provide flexible options for all providers, but since each relationship is different control over network repricing varies. Please contact us for more information.