Exceedent’s New Tools for Promoting Healthy Workplaces

New software solutions are providing more efficient and effective tools to track the health care needs of Exceedent’s member employees. Health care analytics and reporting solutions by Deerwalk Inc. will also assist Exceedent’s ongoing efforts to lower costs for employers..

Proactive Care

DeerwalkOne Care Manager and Plan Analytics applications give Exceedent’s nurse navigators a comprehensive view of an individual’s health history, making it easier to leverage information such as medical and pharmacy claims data and health risk assessment information.

Through the integration of Milliman Advanced Risk Adjuster (MARA) risk scores, members who are at greater risk of experiencing illness can be identified. This early detection gives our nurse navigators the opportunity to proactively plan targeted interventions for at-risk and high-risk members.

An extensive and growing library of metrics aids in care gap reporting. Client-specific quality measures can be built in to support the unique needs of member employees. Nurse navigators can then identify and monitor members who may have missed essential services such as vaccinations or tests.

Ongoing Analysis

Reporting within the care management platform allows Exceedent account managers and clinical staff to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and health management programs. They can then work with clients to design or update plans to further promote the health of their employees.

Flexible and customizable options with these new software tools mean employers can also analyze trends in their health care spending and see exactly how their employees are utilizing benefits. Reports can be generated in minutes, even seconds, rather than hours.

“The reporting and the population pool analytics Deerwalk has given us is second to none,” says Exceedent President Jeff Zavada. The potential of Deerwalk’s software continues to be explored.

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