Exceedent Offers PinnacleCare, a Health Care Guardian

Navigating a health crisis can be daunting. Exceedent wants its member employees to know that they have someone to help them through such events. PinnacleCare, a benefit offered in our bundled Ownership Rewards product, is the type of benefit we hope no one has to use. For those who face a serious medical decision, a PinnacleCare advisor should be the first person to whom they turn. The PinnacleCare advisor and team work solely on behalf of the health and well-being of the individual and their family. Services include:

  • Expert medical opinions
  • Education and resources on the diagnosis
  • Assistance with the most current treatment options
  • Rapid scheduling of appointments with specialists and the preferred place of care

According to Mayo Clinic research published in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice (April 2017), more than 20 percent of patients with serious conditions are first misdiagnosed. When a medical condition leaves you uncertain, the worry and suffering, as well as loss of time and money, can be avoided with PinnacleCare’s health advisory services.

“The feedback we receive from members about PinnacleCare is positive. People feel someone is really in their corner advocating for them and guiding them when their need is most intense,” says Ashley Endres, Director of Account Management at Exceedent.“Clients tell us that the response is personal and efficient.”

Individuals can access a PinnacleCare advisor by phone or email. PinnacleCare provides a seamless process for gathering medical information and records. They have relationships with hospitals around the world so they can facilitate care faster than if an individual had to research, locate available care and contact a specialist on their own.

PinnacleCare’s team has been great to work with and has proven to be a valued partner for Exceedent in promoting better health care for our members. Give Exceedent a call to find out how PinnacleCare and Ownership Rewards can increase health care value for your clients.

Ashley Endres
Director of Account Management

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