Second-Year TPA Exceedent Continues Upward Trajectory With Network Expansions, Team Growth and Service Innovations

Network Expansion Continues

Exceedent will see major growth again on Jan. 1, 2018. Already serving clients in Wisconsin, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada and Ohio; Exceedent will expand into five additional states.

Exceedent President Jeff Zavada says client demands are driving the expansion in Iowa, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Georgia and New Mexico. Long-standing broker relationships also bring opportunities to these new markets.

The expansion coincides with Exceedent’s new partnership with Cigna. Cigna PPO will offer a viable network solution for the new markets when the partnership goes live Jan. 1. Devon Health Services and Inter Group Services will also provide extensive health care networks for Exceedent’s clients and members in Pennsylvania.

Exceedent’s Large Group Team Expansion

Maintaining high-quality service for our customers is behind the recent expansion of Exceedent’s Large Group Operations. Beth Schrader joined the Large Group Operations team in July 2017 as the large group account manager. Beth brings more than 18 years of experience in account management and relationship building within the group health insurance industry. Large Group Operations also added two customer service representatives and additional claims analysts. The team led by Susan Gorecki now has two specialists, six customer service representatives, four claims analysts, a subrogation and coordination of benefits analyst and an implementation specialist. With these additions, they’ve outgrown their current office space and can now be found directly upstairs from the main Exceedent offices with the Clinical Services Department. Exceedent is now ready for large traditional administrative service organization (ASO) clients.

Exceedent Brings Health Care Innovation

Telemedicine creates a new standard of affordable, accessible and quality health care. Exceedent will continue to bring innovative health care solutions to more employers by partnering with Astia Health in a pilot program beginning Jan. 1, 2018.

Astia Health makes health care more accessible through on-site and near-site clinics, telemedicine and a mobile lab services. Virtual visits provide instant diagnosis and treatment plans from trained and certified triage nurses backed by physicians. For more complex problems, Astia’s clinics or mobile unit can deliver on-site labs, X-rays, diagnostic tests and procedures.

“Many of our clients are not big enough to have a full-blown on-site clinic with a full-time staff,” says Exceedent President Jeff Zavada. “But they are interested in having on-site services for their employees. Partnering with Astia brings right-sized solutions to our clients.”

For employers, telemedicine and mobile services reduce costs. They also improve the quality of health care for employees by providing a very customized and personal solution. Astia’s services will be piloted with several groups in Wisconsin. The goal is to expand the program throughout southeastern Wisconsin and in the Appleton-Green Bay areas by end of the first quarter 2018.

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