Three Exceedent TPA Service Levels Offered to Curb Your Cost Curve

Our job at Exceedent is to help our self-funded customers get ahead of their cost curves. Our services are designed to do one of two things: change or reduce consumption of health care or pay less for it. With three different levels of TPA services, our customers can find the plan that suits their health care cost management strategies.

E2—Exceedent Essentials

Every self-funded or Ownership Rewards group benefits from a broad spectrum of services bundled under Exceedent Essentials:

  • Risk Management Services. What differentiates Exceedent from our competitors is having Chief Medical Officer Eric Christianson and his team of Nurse Navigators on our staff. Most other TPAs do not have in-house nurses and physicians, so they charge extra for the service. We believe this is a core benefit for our self-funded customers and charging more for it is counterintuitive to the self-funding process.
  • Nurse Navigator. Every one of our groups is assigned its own personal Nurse Navigator who builds strong relationships with our customers and helps coordinate their care.
  • Care Transition Assistance. For members making a network transition or for new hires moving to a new location, we assist in finding a doctor, scheduling appointments and transferring medical records.
  • Health Care Guardian. This service is a hand-holding experience for the member living with a chronic disease or diagnosed with a major illness. Individuals are given personal assistance in confirming and understanding the diagnosis and prognosis, help in searching for a physician and guidance in determining the best treatment plan. They get the right care at the right time from the right provider, which ultimately reduces health care costs.
  • Exceedent Care Now. We’ve provided a narrow network of locations in the Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin footprint where a member can go and get the same basic services they receive from a virtual experience. If no X-ray or lab work is needed, the member has zero out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Exceedent VirtuCare. Instead of a making a trip to urgent care or the emergency room for same-day care, members can choose virtual medicine. The virtual experience is more convenient and less expensive for the member and less costly for the employer.

These services are offered to our larger self-funded customers, as well. However, groups may purchase them à la carte.

E3— Educate, Engage & Empower

This level adds the following benefits from our Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin health network services:

  • Health Risk Assessment begins the process of health screenings as members report their health information.
  • Biometric Screenings and lab reports provide additional information that allows us to assist members in their health care goals.
  • Health Coaching Services provides personalized one-on-one care for members.
  • Nurse Navigator Plus puts a nurse on-site for a designated time each month to implement or assist in health coaching.
  • Vaccinations are provided on-site or at a convenient location as a preventive service.
  • Exceedent Day of Wellness. We plan a full day of engagement to educate and improve employee health through coaching, testing and services. The employer is offered an almost unlimited scope of opportunity to work with Exceedent to determine what best fits their employees’ health needs.

E4— On-site, Full-Service Health and Wellness

E4 is the pinnacle of an employer’s ability to provide health services to its employees through an On-Site Workplace Clinic and On-Site Occupational Medicine. Depending on employer needs, the on-site presence can range from several hours a week to every day and full time.

Consider a trucking company with hundreds of drivers who are required by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to get physical exams every six months. That’s an expensive and time-consuming process. However, Exceedent can offer occupational testing on the employer’s campus for members to access before or after work. Exceedent can also set up an on-site clinic, allowing participating employees and their families to get basic primary care at their convenience.

E4 services are an à la carte option typically suited for larger employers. However, they can be scaled back to meet the needs of small- and mid-size employers.

Exceedent has competitive services that provide more flexibility and cost savings than associated with a traditional TPA. Whether you need to bundle TPA services or you are purchasing à la carte, Exceedent is a next generation approach to provider networks. Learn more at or request a quote at


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